Rubric for Essay Exam Questions

Decorative: A generalized set of rubric standard: A (Excellent), B (Very Good), C (Good), D (Needs Improvement), F (Unacceptable)


"Exam Rubric" (pdf) is a five-criteria, four-standard model with detailed descriptors that assesses essay responses in an exam environment/context by the following criteria (listed descriptors are the "A" category of responses, earning 9.3-10/10):

1. Content

  • "Addresses each question and all its parts thoroughly; incorporates relevant course content into responses; uses specific information from case in response"

2. Understanding/Application

  • "Demonstrates deep understanding of course theories and ideas applied to analysis of case situations"

3. Original Thinking

  • "Demonstrates original thinking that adds insight to analysis of case; meaningful elaboration beyond text, notes, class discussion in strategy development"

4. Structure

  • "Response to each question is well organized and clearly written; there is evidence of planning before writing"

5. Grammar and mechanics

  • "Response is virtually free of mechanical, grammatical writing errors"
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