Rubrics for Journals & Journaling

Decorative: Depicts a rubric grid with "Criteria or Dimensions" vertically down the left side ("Criteria 1," "Criteria 2," etc.) and "Level of Performance (scale)" horizontally across the top with the "4" being "Yes and More," "3" being "Yes!", "2" being "Yes, but ..." and "1" being "No." Space for "Performance descriptors" is indicated in the empty body of the grid.


1. "Using Rubrics to Assess Journal Entries" (pdf) explains that "The instructor in charge of the service-learning course must rely on the student's journal entries and other types of feedback to ascertain the quality
and value of the service experience."

  • "Reflections the university student gives to the instructor needs to be insightful and succinct, while the feedback the university instructor gives to the student must be clear and consistent."
  • "Rubrics provide a useful means to assess quickly a student's writing and to reiterate consistently the criteria expected of him or her."
  • The pdf also includes a broadly applicable rubric sample that can be adapted to most purposes.

2. Other Rubrics for Journals and Journaling (mix and match as suits your needs & purposes!)

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