Scholarly Writing

New Faculty Writing Groups

Decorative: "Faculty writing groups" typed on a typewriter


"New Faculty Writing Groups" (post) explains the benefits of, types of, and obstacles for writing groups --and outlines some first steps in getting started with such a group.

1. Benefits of Writing Groups

  • "[A] writing group ... help[s] ... faculty members strengthen their confidence as academic writers." 
  • "An academic career ... is a solitary and isolating experience, particularly when we are writing": "[g]roups can make the writing experience more meaningful and fruitful."

30 Days of Scholarly Writing: An Online Writing Group

Decorative: Six people writing separately at lap tops but sharing a collective though bubble in which they are an in-person writing group with conversation, peer editing, etc.


A. "Scholarly Writing Hacks: 5 Lessons I learned Writing Every Day in June" (post) summarizes five key takeways of one instructor after "agree[ing] to commit to writing every day in the month of June as part of a faculty writing group experiment."

  • Inspired both by National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), ... seven of [them] agreed to set a big scholarly writing project goal for the month (such as writing 30,000 words) and write every day to reach it."

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