Scholarly Writing

Getting Writing Done

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"A New Series on Scholarly Productivity: 'Are You Writing?'" (post) introduces a series that outlines practical strategies for writing by "doing just a little bit of work, mostly every day, and trusting that the 'brilliance' (or acceptability) of the whole would come together through the drudgery of many, many, many (many) smaller, less-brilliant parts."

1. The first article offers advice for "[i]f you’re embroiled in an article or chapter revision that you feel will never end":

14 Editing Tips

Decorative: "Editing Tips to Make You a Better Writer"


"14 Invaluable Editing Tips" (post) offers practical suggestions for making your writing -- especially online writing (as for online course content, posted notes and material, etc.) -- clearer, more accessible, and more effective.

1. "Put yourself in your audience’s shoes."

  • "Tailor your content to your audience’s needs ... preferences ... interests ... problems, [abilities, and knowledge]." 

2. "Read your writing out loud."

New Faculty Writing Groups

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"New Faculty Writing Groups" (post) explains the benefits of, types of, and obstacles for writing groups --and outlines some first steps in getting started with such a group.

1. Benefits of Writing Groups

  • "[A] writing group ... help[s] ... faculty members strengthen their confidence as academic writers." 
  • "An academic career ... is a solitary and isolating experience, particularly when we are writing": "[g]roups can make the writing experience more meaningful and fruitful."

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