Self-Assessment of Teaching & 4 Ways Students Learn

A thumbnail of the infographic in Part C below, which provides a visual representation of the information in Part B below.


"Questions to Guide a Reflective Conversation on Learning" (post) lists useful questions for self-assessment after a lesson/class and includes an infographic listing "Four Ways We Learn," which provides a practical framework for structuring productive in-class activities, assignments, etc.  

    A. Questions for Post-Class Self-Assessment

    1. Basic Self-Assessment Questions

    • "How do you think the lesson or activity went?"
    • "What would you have done differently?"
    • "How do you know your [students] learned?"
    • "Where was the level of thinking?"

    • "How did [students] apply their thinking in relevant and meaningful ways?"

    • "How did you push all [sudents] regardless of where they were?"

    • "What role did technology have in the process?"

    • "What accountability structures were put in place?"

    • "What do you think your [students] thought of the lesson?"

    2. For more tools for self-assessment of teaching, see also the following: 

    B. "Four Ways We Learn"

    1. Challenging Experiences

    • "Work that stretches"
    • "Learning in the context"
    • "Most of the learning is under the waterline."

    2. Opportunities to Practice

    • "Practice feeds high performance."

    3. Creative Conversations

    • "Our world is others."
    • "Conversation is the lubrication of learning and development."

    4. Time for Reflection

    • "Experience + Reflection = Learning that lasts"
    • "Reflect in the workflow (with others) and away from work (individual reflection)"

    C. Infographic: "Four Ways We Learn"

    An infographic presentation of the content found above in section B.


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