Strategies for Course Internationalization

Decorative: A global sign post with many signs pointing to different countries -- Canada, France, China, Germany, India, Greece, Kenya, Egypt, etc.


"Strategies for Course Internationalization" (web page) offers practical suggestions to "internationalize" your courses, "[e]nsuring that courses and program activities include global perspectives."

"This tip sheet explains how instructors can design internationalized courses and offer[ing] examples of course internationalization strategies developed by Waterloo instructors from a variety of disciplines."

Topics covered include the following:

1. "What Is Course Internationalization?"

2. "How Do I Internationalize My Course?"

Each of the following strategies is described and illustrated with examples -- and, in the case of the course-design points, contextualized with a framing question to guide you as shape your content.

a. Approaches to Course Internationalization

  • Add-on
  • Curricular infusion
  • Transformation

b. Components of the Internationalized Course Design

  • Internationalized student learning outcomes
  • Internationalized content
  • Internationalized teaching and learning activities
  • Internationalized assessment methods

3. Examples

Brief examples of internationalization strategies are provided from the following disciplines:

  • Biology
  • Music
  • Fine Arts
  • Centre for Society, Technology, and Values
  • Geography
  • Statistics
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