Strategies to Increase Participation

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A. "Strategies That Increase the Number of Students Who Participate in Class" (article) 

  • "Increase your wait time."
  • "Talk about how you think discussion is better when many students participate."
  • "Get students to discuss what makes participation a valuable learning experience for them."
  • "Don’t let some students participate too often."
  • "Listen carefully when students speak and thank them for their contributions."
  • "Focus on students when they are speaking."
  • "Look directly and encouragingly at students who don’t speak."
  • "Use something the student said in your follow-up commentary."
  • "Ask a thought-provoking question and give students 30 seconds to jot down some ideas."
  • "Put the question (or part of it) on the board or in a PowerPoint presentation."
  • "Ask an important question and then let students briefly talk about it with those nearby."
  • "If a student offers a great explanation or has an interesting idea, label it with the student’s name and refer to it subsequently."
  • "Do your best to find something positive to say about a first-time contribution."
  • "Take care when responding to wrong or not-very-good answers."
  • "Don’t always have the right answer to every question."
  • "Talk informally with students before class begins, after it’s over, when you see students on campus or via email."
  • "Define participation broadly."
  • "Expect great answers."

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Weimar, Maryellen. "Strategies That Increase the Number of Students Who Participate in Class." Faculty Focus Premium 1 December 2016.

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