Stress & (In)Effective Teaching

"Eliminate Stress from Your Teaching Life"


1. "Social-Emotional Learning Matters for Teachers and Students" (post) includes two useful charts (included below) for instructors concerned about self-care and its relationship to positive, effective teaching and learning:

Perhaps most importantly, the "positive cycle" chart includes 5 general categories and 15 specific practices that can be cultivated and/or incorporated by instructors for the following related benefits:

  • "Increased Physical, Mental, & Emotional Well-Being"
  • "Effective Pedagogy & Enhanced Learning Environment"

2. Negative Cycle of Teacher Stress and Ineffective Teaching and Learning

Tensions of Teaching (Disconnect Between Teacher Education & Teaching; Conflicting Pedagogies & Teaching Philosophies; Poverty & Lack of Resources; Racial & Cultural Differences; Lack of Administrative Support) leading to a Negative Reinforcement cycle in which Teacher Stress & Diminished Well-Being leads to Burnout & Stress Transference which results in Ineffective Pedagogy & Stressful Learning Environment which then negatively reinforces Teacher Stress & Diminished Well-Being

3. Positive Cycle of Teacher Well-Being and Effective Teaching and Learning

Positive Cycle of Teacher Well-Being: Key Community of Practice Components (a. Intention &  Reflection - Intention Setting, Journaling, Dialogic Storytelling; b. Community Support - Accountability Systems, Collaboration, Team Spirit; c. Mentorship - Facilitated Learning, Structural Guidance, Leadership Development; d. Self-Care Practices - Mind-Body Practices, Physical Health; Social-Emotional Health; e. Classroom Wellness Strategies - Emotional Regulation, Community Building, Stress Reduction) lead to a positive cycle in which Increased Physical, Mental, & Emotional Well-Being increases Presence & Transference of Well-Being which leads to Effective Pedagogy & Enhanced Learning Environment which, in turn, provides Positive Reinforcement & Fulfillment for Increased Physical, Mental, & Emotional Well-Being


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