Student-Thinking Continuum Rubrics

Decorative: "Thinking Continuum"


The following two pdf chart resources provide a "Student Thinking Continuum" assessment framework based on an 8-point model with specifics indicated for each criterion ranging from "Beginning Thinker," through "Developing Thinker," to "Deep Thinker":

The 8-point scale is as follows, with each extreme being elaborated with specifics in the chart(s):

  • Considering Viewpoints -- from "One-sided" to "Multi-dimensional"
  • Describing What's There -- from "Obvious & General" to "Detailed & Elaborated"
  • Reasoning with Evidence -- from "Baseless" to "Supported"
  • Building Explanations -- from "Simple & Fixed" to "Multifaceted & Evolving"
  • Making Connections -- from "Cursory & Trivial" to "Thorough & Insightful" 
  • Capturing the Heart and Forming Conclusions -- from "Tangential" to "Core"
  • Wondering -- from "Narrow and Closed" to "Broad & Generative"
  • Uncovering Complexity -- from "Superficial" to "Deep"
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