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Student Bullying of Instructors

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A. "Student Bullying of Lecturers a ‘Serious Issue’" (online article) outlines some instructors' "experiences of bullying by students for research that hopes to shine a light on a 'neglected area' of higher education."

1. Some Examples of Student Bullying

  • "[B]eing cornered and intimidated by students"
  • "[B]eing verbally abused and being threatened with physical harm"
  • "[B]eing frightened by overly masculine displays"

2. Some Sources of Student Bullying

7 Benefits of Teaching-Engaged Colleagues

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"Those Indispensable Colleagues" (online article) recognizes that "[t]o teach on and to teach well, year after year, we need good colleagues" and outlines 7 ways (each elaborated more fully in the text) that positive relations with one's teaching colleagues enhance the teaching experience:

1. "[Our] colleagues teach [us]."

  • "They’re good teachers and good teaching advocates who think about teaching in intellectually robust ways."

2. "[Our] colleagues let [us] teach them."