New Faculty

New Faculty Writing Groups

Decorative: "Faculty writing groups" typed on a typewriter


"New Faculty Writing Groups" (post) explains the benefits of, types of, and obstacles for writing groups --and outlines some first steps in getting started with such a group.

1. Benefits of Writing Groups

  • "[A] writing group ... help[s] ... faculty members strengthen their confidence as academic writers." 
  • "An academic career ... is a solitary and isolating experience, particularly when we are writing": "[g]roups can make the writing experience more meaningful and fruitful."

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Decorative: "What is Impostor Syndrome and how can you manage it?" written above a Groucho Mark-style mask (pair of glasses, with nose, busy eyebrows, and bushy moustache


"How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome" (post) explains that "'impostor syndrome' runs thick in the veins of academics, from newly arrived graduate students to those nearing retirement (yes, really)" and outlines several specific, positive responses to counter its often "deeply painful and damaging, almost paralyzing" effects.

"So what is impostor syndrome and how do you get over it?"

A. What Is Impostor Syndrome?

Instructor Self-Care: Start a "Be Kind Portfolio"

Decorative: "Be kind to yourself"


"A Self-Care Strategy for Beleaguered Academics" (post) outlines one professor's ongoing strategy to collect a broad range of encouraging "performance documentation" as "a personal survival tool" to help guard against "burn out, get[ing] cynical, or despis[ing] administrators (and their processes)."

1. What Is a "Be Kind Portfolio"?

A "Be Kind Portfolio" is "a way to be kind to [yourself] and remind [yourself] why [you] teach and why [you] serve students" -- a gathering of "the little but tangible things that demonstrate [y]our successes — and those of [y]our students."

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