Assignments and Activities

Active and Reactive Video Engagement

Decorative: Two cats watching a cat on a laptop


A. "Take Classroom Video to the Next Level" (3.47 m; see video below) suggests four key ways to engage students with assigned videos, making them both active and reactive viewers so they can both comprehend and critique what they see.

  • "Active viewing" emphasizes comprehension, making sure students understand what they watch.
  • "Reactive viewing" emphasizes critical thinking and response, requiring students to have something to say about what they watch.

B. The Engagement Strategies

30+ Questions for Critical Engagement: A Checklist

Decorative: "Critical Thinking Questions"


"Life Lessons: The Importance of Critical Thinking" (pdf) presents an extensive checklist of "good critical thinking questions" for students to ask themselves "whenever [they are] reading [an article, text, or] a book, listening to a podcast, watching the news etc."

  • The questions are also useful for instructors to ask in class, discussions, assignments, guided readings, etc. 

A. A Complementary Resource