Online Teaching

A Checklist for Moving Your Course Online

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"A Checklist for Moving Your Course Online" (post) presents a series of points and questions designed to "help the instructor conceptualize their course in an online environment ... [and] hel[p] the instructional designer see what needs to be done."

A. Topics to Consider

3 Steps for Effective Online Discussions

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"Rejuvenating Online Discussions" (online article) outlines a 3-step structure for making online discussions more dynamically productive: "prepping, discussing, and assessing."

A. Prepping

1. "[C]reat[e] clear criteria for your students." 

  • "If it’s important that your students write over 300 words in a post, make that explicit."

2. "[C]ommunicat[e] expectations."

Enhancing Student Engagement in Online Courses

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"How to Add Student Engagement to Your Online Courses" (online article) suggests using "[t]he wide range of interactive methods now available on the web" for "a multitude of ways to insert engagement into [your] courses" in "three categories: learner-to-learner, learner-to-instructor, learner-to-content."

1. Learner-to-learner

a. Icebreakers: "Students ranked the good old icebreaker discussion activity as the best means to foster learner-to-learner engagement."