Tcrunch App: Exit Ticket Tool

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"New Mobile Application to Improve Teaching" (post) introduces "Tcrunch, a new application (available on the Apple and Google App stores for free)" that "enables more efficient and frequent teacher-student communication."

  • "You can think about it as an electronic version of the teaching strategy called an 'exit ticket.'"
  • "An 'exit ticket' is traditionally a 3×5 card given to students at the end of class; the teacher asks a question to gain feedback from the students and the students write a brief response."
  • "Here you can do the same thing, but Tcrunch eliminates any paper and performs all collecting and analyzing activities in real-time."

How It Works

"There is both a teacher and student portal into the app."

1. "Teachers can create and manage different classes."

  • Within a class, teachers can create a question or prompt and release it to their students, who will also have Tcrunch."

2. " Students can then see this question, click on it, and answer it."

  • "Student answers come into the teacher’s app in real-time."

3. "Teachers can evaluate the results in the app or email themselves the results in the form of an Excel document."

  • "Other functionalities include multiple choice, a bank of pre-existing questions to help improve teaching, and an anonymous setting for student users."
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