Teaching 21st Century (Soft) Skills: An Interrogative Assessment

Decorative: A word cloud in the shape of an apple and on the them of "21st century skills" -- with "21st century skills" written across the apple like a label


"21st Century Skills & Attributes - Educator Self-Assessment" (post) contains questions in 12 categories to assist the educator in evaluating if and how s/he is facilitating these skills and attributes in the learning environment."

1. Oral & Written Communication

  • "Do you provide learners with lots of opportunities to speak and write using their own unique and genuine voices?"
  • "Do you help learners create focus, energy, passion around the oral & written communications they want to make?"

2. Critical Thinking/Problem-Solving

  • "Do you promote and reinforce doing things that haven't been done before, where you and your learners have to rethink or think anew?"
  • "Do you ask learners to generate & ask their own unique set of questions?"

3. Collaboration across Networks

  • "Do you facilitate global communications and collaboration with your learners?"
  • "Do you give learners opportunities to collaborate face-to-face and virtually?"
  • "Do you assist your learners in developing their own personal learning networks?"

4. Curiosity & Imagination

  • "Do you promote, encourage, and reinforce inquistiveness?"
  • "Do you encourage your learners to add their 'personal touches; to their learning experience?"

5. Initiative & Entrepreneurialism

  • "Do you assist learners in becoming involved in meaningful work?"
  • "Do you provide opportunities for learners to take risks [and] take their own initiative to do things?"

6. Agility & Adaptability

  • "Do you accept change as normal & natural and assist your learners in doing so too?"
  • "Are you and your learners flexible?"
  • "Do you and your learners use a variety of tools to solve new problems?"

7. Hope & Optimism

  • "Do you model, teach, [and] reinforce positive self-talk? A 'Can Do' attitude?"
  • "Do you assist learners in enhancing their personal-agency thinking?"
  • "Do you expose learners to stories that portray how others have succeeded or overcome  adversity?"

8. Self-Regulation

  • "Do you model and assist learners in developing and understanding their own metacognitive processes?"
  • "Do you help learners develop their own ability to self-motivate?"
  • "Do you assist learners in reflecting on and evaluating their learning experience?"

9. Empathy & Global Stewardship

  • "Do you provide learners with opportunities for perspective-taking?"
  • "Do you assist learners in understanding the interdependence of all living things?"
  • "Do you create opportunities for learners to put empathy into action [and] engage in pro-social behavior intended to benefit others?"

10. Resilience

  • "Do you help learners see failures as opportunities for growth?"
  • "Do you encourage and reinforce learners' own innate resiliency?"
  • "Do you ensure that each and every learner knows that 'You Matter'?"

11. Grit

  • "Do you give learners opportunities to work on long-term, complex projects?"
  • "Do you assist learners in identifying and acknowledging the rewards of persevering throughout tough times?"

12. Vision for the Future

  • "Do you give learners the time, resources, [and] opportunity to identify and pursue their dreams?"
  • "Do you assist learners in developing the steps and strategies needed to achieve their dreams?"

13. See also "The Other 21st Century Skills" (post) for further links and resources.

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