Teaching Effectively During Times of Disruption

"Keep Calm and Teach On" poster


A. "Teaching Effectively During Times of Disruption" (post; pdf) offers practical advice for a number of challenges that instructors may be facing currently.

  • Each topic/point below is developed in more depth in the text.

B. Topics Addressed in the Text

1. Pedagogy in times of disruption

2. Communicating with students (principles to keep in mind)

  • "Communicate early and often."
  • "Set expectations."
  • "Manage your communications load."

3. Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Teaching?

  • Lists the advantages and disadvantages of each approach

4. Learning about Key Tools and Functions within eClass [D2L/mycourselink for us]

  • See mycourselink for helpful guides guides, documentation, and videos. 

5. Shifting your Classes Online

For each of the following, the text provides "pedagogical recommendations," "a few troubleshooting tips," and "accessibility suggestions."

6. [Virtual] Office Hours

  • Practical advice and "pedagogical recommendations"

7. Written Discussions

  • Practical advice and "pedagogical recommendations"

8. Chat

  • "Scheduling tools for student tutorials/conferences"

9. Peer Review

  • Recommended tools and "pedagogical recommendations" 

10. Lab Work Online (**New**)

  • "Pedagogical recommendations"

11. Evaluating Students Online

12. Resources to Learn More

a. General Tips for Teaching Online

b. Resources for Online Writing Instruction


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