Teaching Quality Framework: A Model

The three "voices" in the framework contributing to "improved learning and assessment": "Student ratings," Faculty peer observations," "Individual instructor reflections"


A. "Teaching Quality Framework (TQF)" (pdf) "outline[s] a framework for supporting and assessing teaching quality for all instructors across all departments on campus that is grounded in the scholarship of higher education."

  • "The goal of the framework is to support improved teaching by providing faculty members with feedback that they can use to improve as educators and to provide better mechanisms for assessing teaching quality for tenure, promotion, and merit." 
  • "This framework defines teaching as a scholarly activity (like research) and assesses [six] core components of such scholarship."
  • The pdf also includes a detailed "Rubric for Assessing Teaching as Scholarly Activity," assessing the six core components on a scale from "Entry into Teaching" through "Basic Skill," "Professional," and "Advanced."

B. Six Core Components and Guiding Questions for Each

1. Clear Goals

  • "Does the instructor state the goals of the course/learning experience clearly?" 
  • "Are these goals realistic and achievable?" 
  • "Do they relate to important questions in the relevant field of study?"

2. Adequate Preparation

  • "Does the instructor have an understanding of the scholarship of teaching and learning in the field?"
  • "Has he or she practiced the necessary skills and gathered the necessary resources to allow for successful learning?"

3. Appropriate Methods

  • "Does the instructor choose teaching methods appropriate to achieve the learning goals, and does he or she apply them effectively?" 
  • "Does the instructor modify these methods in response to changing circumstances in the classroom?"

4. Significant Results

  • "Does the instructor achieve his or her goals?" 
  • "Does the instructor’s work in the classroom add consequentially to the knowledge of teaching in his or her field or open up new areas for exploration?"

5. Effective Presentation

  • "Does the instructor communicate with his or her students using suitable style, effective organization, appropriate forums, and clarity and integrity?"
  • "Does the instructor communicate the results of his or her teaching to peers using the same set of criteria?"

6. Reflective Critique

  • "Does the instructor critically evaluate his or her teaching, using an appropriate breadth of evidence?" 
  • "Does the instructor use this evaluation to improve the quality of future work?" 
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