Ten Guiding Principles for the Use of Technology for Learning

Educational technologies for teaching and learning are far from new but determining what and how to incorporate these resources into learning landscapes can be a daunting task.  The just released Ten Guiding Principles for Using Technology in Learning (May 2018) offers insights and guidance for using technology in teaching and learning. 

The authors define leaning technologies as “those methods and practices used to learn and to facilitate learning. It is the way we learn and the way we teach. It includes the tools we use and the instructional designs we apply.” 

The ten guiding principles are:

  1. Adding value
  2. A pedagogical focus
  3. Quality
  4. Sustainability
  5. Access
  6. Scalability
  7. Sharing
  8. Choice
  9. Continuous, lifelong learning
  10. Customization 
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