Tools for Peer Review with Student Writing

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A. "Using Peer Review to Improve Student Writing" (webpage; pdf) "describes general considerations that can help improve the quality of the feedback students offer one another before describing several strategies for managing peer review" and provides useful tools for facilitating this process.

  • Each topic and strategy is developed fully in the text.
  • Links to related pdf resources are provided.

B. Topics Covered in the Text

1. "General Considerations"

  • "Clarity of Purpose"
  • "How to Structure Peer Review"
  • "Small-Group Workshops"
  • "Full-Class Workshops"
  • "When to Schedule Peer Review"
  • "Make It Count"

2. "In Practice"

a. "Creating an Environment for Useful Feedback"

  • "Additive Comments"
  • "Reader Response"
  • "Effective Criticism"

b. "Strategies for Peer Review: Comments Prepared Before Class"

c. "Strategies for Peer Review: Comments Prepared During Class"

  • "Self-Evaluation"
  • "'Speed' Peer Review"

d. "Strategies for Full-Class Workshops"

3. "Peer Review and Students’ Experiences"

  • “Who am I to judge?”
  • “The peers who read my paper never give me helpful feedback.”

4. "Evaluating Peer Review as an Instructor"

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