VALUE (Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education) Sample Rubrics

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A. VALUE Rubric Development Project: The Association of American College & Universities' (AACU) "VALUE initiative in 2007-09 involved teams of faculty and other educational professionals from over 100 higher education institutions engaged over many months to develop 16 VALUE rubrics for the LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes."

  • VALUE stands for "Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education."
  • "Each rubric was developed from the most frequently identified characteristics or criteria of learning for each of the 16 learning outcomes."
  • "Drafts of each rubric were then tested by faculty with their own students’ work on over 100 college campuses."
  • "The VALUE rubrics have been viewed at more than fifty-six hundred discrete institutions, including schools, higher education associations, and more than thirty-three hundred colleges and universities in the United States and around the world."

The rubrics below are take from two primary sources: the University of Delaware's "Rubrics" and include both the original VALUE rbric and, in a number of cases, adaptations of them.

B. VALUE Rubrics from the University of Delaware "Rubrics" Collection (doc)

1. Intellectual and Practical Skills

a. "Inquiry and Analysis VALUE Rubric" (pdf)

b. "Critical Thinking VALUE Rubric" (pdf)

c. "Creative Thinking VALUE Rubric" (pdf)

d. "Written Communication VALUE Rubric" (pdf)

e. "Oral Communication VALUE Rubric" (pdf)

f. "Reading VALUE Rubric" (pdf)

g. "Quantitative Literacy VALUE Rubric" (pdf)

h. "Information Literacy VALUE Rubrics" (pdf)

i. "Teamwork VALUE Rubric" (pdf)

j. "Problem Solving VALUE Rubric" (pdf)

2. Personal and Social Responsibility

a. "Civic Engagement VALUE Rubric" (pdf)

    b. "Intercultural Knowledge and Competence VALUE Rubric" (pdf)

    c. "Ethical Reasoning VALUE Rubric" (pdf)

    d. "Lifelong Learning VALUE Rubric" (pdf)

    e. "Foundations and Skills for Lifelong Learning VALUE Rubric" (pdf)

      e. "Global Learning VALUE Rubric" (doc)

      3. Integrative and Applied Learning

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