Video Assignments

You can use Video Assignments to collect video assignments, allowing students to respond to course materials, work as a group "in person" synchronously, or do presentations remotely.

Instructors will have access to Video Assignments through their mycourselink sites. These tools are found on the navbar under the Other Tools dropdown menu.

Note: After creating a Video Assignment, it must be added to Content to make it available to the students:

  1. Click Content
  2. Select in to an existing module or create a new one
  3. Click Existing Activities then Video Assignments
  4. Click on the name of the Video Assignment that you've created

The students would then be able to access the assignment submission page by clicking this link in Content.


There are multiple Video Assignment types that can be created. Each of which is highlighted below.


Individual and Group Projects

In an individual project, learners record or upload a video of themselves presenting on a topic or demonstrating a specific skill. With the screenshare feature, learners can also enhance their project with visual aids.

In a group project learners will collaborate synchronously and asynchronously to complete a group activity. Individuals have the ability to create milestones, evaluate their peers, meet with group members virtually, and compile all of their submissions within the project dashboard. The end product is often presented as one cohesive group presentation.

Support Resources for Individual and Group Projects


Question & Answer

In a question and answer assignment, the learner is presented with prompts and given a set amount of time to respond. The learner only has one opportunity to answer each prompt, replicating the high-stakes environment of being asked questions in a face-to-face setting.

Support Resources for Question & Answer


Interactive Video

In an Interactive Video assignment, learners watch an instructor-provided video and respond to related prompts (maximum of 20).

Support Resources for Interactive Video


Additional help documentation can be found in the Video Assignment Knowledge Base

Feel free to use these exciting new tools.  Need assistance or have questions, contact for more information.

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