Video Project Rubric

Decorative: "Video Project"


"Video Project Rubric" (web page, chart) presents a clearly articulated rubric that "may be used for self-assessment and peer feedback."

It offers detailed descriptions of what would constitute "Exemplary," "Proficient," "Partially Proficient," and "Unsatisfactory" assessments for each of the following criteria:

a. Use of Resources and Citations During Research and Note-Taking

b. Storyboard

c. Content/Organization

d. Introduction

e. Production Quality

  • Video Continuity/Editing
  •  Audio Editing
  • Lighting
  • Camera Techniques (Exposure/Focus)
  • Graphics
  • Copyright
  • Moving Images and Animations
  • Timing

f. Video Captioning

  • Synchronized
  • Equivalent
  • Accessible
  • Complete
  • Readable
  • Media Hosting
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