Visualization Tools: Graphic Organizers

Decorative: A tiny (unreadable) set of graphic organizers on the general subject of kinematics


"Graphic organizers are tools that help your brain think" (Kylene Beers).

A. "Graphic Organizers in the Classroom" (webpage)

1. Advantages of Graphic Organizers

  • They "encourage students to think about information in new ways. With writing, it's easy for students to copy from one place to another. With graphic organizers, you remove the words and focus on the connections."
  • They "ask students to review concepts and demonstrate their understanding ... make changes and take different perspectives ... clarity their thinking."
  • They can share "a huge amount of information ... on a single picture to provide the 'big view' of a topic."
  • They "can be used as a nice planning tool from information identification to product development."

2. Exploring the Possibilities

  • Outlines "ways to organize your ideas about your topic or problem using graphic organizers"
  • Provides a number of templates
  • "[D]iscuss the process of creating graphic organizers"

3. Creating Graphic Organizers with Technology

  • Introduces some of the "many technology tools that can be used for creating graphical organizers"

    B. Graphic Organizers Online

    The following links provide graphic organizers online that can be downloaded and used for student activities, lectures, online courses, presentations, etc.

    B. Related Resources

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