WebQuests: Starter Resources

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A. “The Learning Power of WebQuests” (online article) introduces WebQuests and “emphasiz[es] the importance of combining authentic tasks with Internet resources to develop critical thinking skills.”

1. It briefly covers the following topics:

  • "What WebQuests Are Not"
  • "What Is a Real WebQuest?"
  • "A Scaffolded Learning Structure"
  • "Use of Essential Internet Resources"
  • "Authentic Tasks that Motivate"
  • "Open-Ended Questions"
  • "Individual Expertise"
  • "Transforming Group Process"
  • "What the Best WebQuests Do"
  • "Learner-Centered Professional Development"
  • "Sample WebQuests"

2. See also

a. "WebQuests: An Introduction"

b. "Webquest" from the Online Instructional Activities Index for the following:

  • WebQuest goals & objectives
  • Lesson outline and procedure  

B. WebQuest.org (web site)

“[T]he most complete and current source of information about the WebQuest Model.”

1. This site provides the instructor with information on the following:

  • Finding WebQuests
  • Creating WebQuests
  • Sharing WebQuests
  • Concepts and definitions
  • WebQuest development (advice, tips, techniques, strategies, patterns, templates, checklists, rubrics, etc.)

2. It also includes links to the following:

C. Practical WebQuest Tools

1. General Resources

2. Useful Videos

3. WebQuest "Process Checklist"

  • A chart to "look at the Process section and focus on the small details that can make or break a project."
  • It can be used "to look at your own project or ... ask someone else to provide you with a peer review." 

4. “WebQuest Taskonomy: A Taxonomy of Tasks” (web page) provides definitions, tips, and examples for the following 12 WebQuest tasks:

  • Retelling tasks
  • Compilation tasks
  • Mystery tasks
  • Journalistic tasks
  • Design tasks
  • Creative-product tasks
  • Consensus-building tasks
  • Persuasion tasks
  • Self-knowledge tasks
  • Analytical tasks
  • Judgement tasks
  • Scientific tasks
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