WebQuests: Tasks and Templates

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"WebQuest Design Patterns" (web page; chart) offers a starter set of 25 tasks and templates (“patterns”) “derived from existing WebQuests that are instructionally solid.” 

A. The Chart of Patterns/Tasks

1. 25 tasks/templates/patterns are presented in chart format, with each task listed including the following:

  • A name
  • A description (with a student template and a teacher template)
  • A statement of instructional purpose
  • Links to several examples

2. These design patterns can be organized in terms of the dominant thinking verb that underlies them.

  • These five verbs – “design,” “decide,” “create,” “analyze,” and “predict” -- represent the highest levels of Bloom's taxonomy. 
  • Starting with those verbs guarantees that your WebQuest will be wrapped around a higher level thinking task.
  • NOTE: The examples are from various grade levels, but the tasks can be adapted to any level.

3. With templates that are specific to each design pattern, it should be easier to hit the ground running when starting to create a new WebQuest. Each pattern is

  • Easily modified to cover different content while using the same basic structure
  • Distinct from the others in terms of the kinds of content it can be used for
  • Has a task-specific organization of the Introduction, Task, Process and Evaluation sections

B. Task-Specific Patterns

1. Design Tasks (8 tasks)

  • Commemorative
  • Compilation
  • Concrete Design
  • Exhibit
  • Persuasive Message
  • Teaching to Learn
  • Time Capsule
  • Travel Plan

2. Decision Tasks (2 tasks)

  • Comparative Judgment
  • Recommendation

3. Analysis Tasks (5 Tasks)

  • Analyzing for Bias
  • Concept Clarification
  • Genre Analysis
  • In the Style of …
  • Policy Briefing

4. Predication Tasks (1 task)

  • Alternate History

5. Creative Tasks (8 tasks)

  • Behind the Books
  • Beyond the Books
  • Historical Story
  • Meeting of the Minds
  • On Trial
  • Parallel Diaries
  • Simulated Diary
  • Travel Account

6. Other Tasks (1 template)

  • Generic Template -- For “use when you can’t find a design pattern to fit your needs”
  • A “WebQuest in the most general sense”
  • “Each of the parts of the WebQuest (Introduction, Task, etc.) are described without any reference to a particular content area or type of learner outcome.” 
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