A Teaching Mindset for the Moment

Poster: "Keep Calm and Teach On"


A. "Teaching Through a Pandemic: A Mindset for This Moment" (post) suggests some key teaching-related points that are helpful for "the mental approach you need to stay grounded in this difficult time."

1. While the current  teaching situation may seem overwhelming from time to time, this past week working with instructors has truly shown me the truth of a line from this post: 

  • "[T]here were many fantastic, highly creative teachers providing strategies as fast as the obstacles appeared."

2. The post outlines 6 "crucial emotional and psychological scaffolds ... needed to teach in this new paradigm."

11 Instructional Soft Skills

Decorative: "Soft Skills" spelled out with letters written on blocks


A. "11 Things that Require Zero Talent" (post) was meant for students (and is an encouraging list to pass on to them), but it is also useful for instructors who, from time to time, may feel they are not progressing as much as they would like in developing their teaching skillset.

  • Consider these "instructional soft skills" that bring considerable value to the learning experience well beyond either content or specific pedagogical straegies. 

B. Instructional Soft Skills

1. "Being on Time"

8 Ways to Maintain Boundaries While Teaching

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"Tips for Maintaining Emotional Boundaries While Teaching" (post) "share[s] some ... concrete strategies ... to establish and enforce emotional boundaries when teaching."

  • Each tip is developed more fully in the post.

1. "Schedule Email Time."

  • "[D]edicate specific time to checking and answering emails, and limit [yourself] to these times."
  • "[D]o not check [your] work email on the evenings or weekends."

2. "Allow for cool-down periods."

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