90+ Strategies to Promote Student Well-being

Decorative: "Student Well-being"


A. "Teaching Practices that Promote Student Well-being: A Tool for Educators" (pdf) identify strategies that instructors can use to better do the following:

  • Foster relationships in the classroom
  • Support student learning and motivation to learn
  • Support students holistically

The pdf also colour codes the suggestions below, differentiating among the following:

Avoiding "High-Impact Fatigue"

Decorative: A cartoon drawing of a person slumped over with + for eyes and a thought bubble showing a battery at 1%


"Does 'High-Impact' Teaching Cause High-Impact Fatigue?" (post) outlines strategies for managing the workload and effort associated with implementing high-impact practices -- "transformative" teaching strategies which, while effective and "deeply rewarding" for students can be "exhausting ... labor intensive ... all consuming and energy-draining" for instructors.

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