Work Integrated Learning Modules

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"Work Integrated Learning Open Module Initiative" (online resources) is a "comprehensive set of 31 open access, learner-centered modules supports WIL preparedness among post-secondary students."

  • They "represent over 35 hours of rich content that can be used by faculty, career-services staff, and employers to support student learning in applied and work-integrated settings."
  • "The modules, licensed under the Creative Commons (CC BY NC 4.0), may be packaged together to create an online course, substantial units of a course, or to supplement WIL experiences within other courses."

The following units are included:

1. "Work Integrated Learning: The Fundamentals" (3 discrete modules)

  • "Work Integrated Learning: A Primer"
  • "Benefits and Challenges of Work Integrated Learning"
  • "Reflective Practice in Work Integrated Learning"

2. "Job Search Skills" (5 discrete modules)

  • "Finding and Evaluating Job Opportunities"
  • "Employability and Transferable Skills"
  • "Writing a Resume and Reference Page"
  • "Writing a Cover Letter"
  • "Networking Strategies"

3. "Interview Skills" (5 discrete modules)

  • "Interview Preparation, First Impressions, and Etiquette"
  • "Interview Types, Formats, and Structures"
  • "Common Interview Questions"
  • "Questions to Ask an Interviewer"
  • "After the Interview"

4. "Professional Expectations and Competencies" (5 discrete modules)

  • Available soon.

5. "Interpersonal Expectations and Competencies" (5 discrete modules)

  • "Interpersonal Communication"
  • "Intercultural Communication"
  • "Project Management"
  • "Teamwork"
  • "Navigating Conflict in the Workplace"

6. "Research and Business" Communication Skills" (4 discrete modules)

  • "Research Skills"
  • "Professional Communication"
  • "Writing Emails and Memos"
  • "Giving Effective Presentations"

7. "Your Professional Future" (4 discrete modules)

  • "Career Portfolios and Personal Branding"
  • "Translating Your Skills for Future Employment"
  • "Opportunities in Your Field"
  • "Continuous Learning and Professional Development"
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