Writing Assignments: A Checklist for Instructors

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1. "Writing Assignments: A Self-Assessment for Faculty" (online article; dead link but the information below remains useful) provides a checklist "to help you step back and reflect on how you approach writing assignments."

  • "It can serve as a helpful reminder of the various steps along the writing journey and how you can help guide students along that path."

2. Questions for Self-assessment

  • "Do you consider who your students are and their background for the course prior to developing writing assessments?"
  • "Do you teach the writing process in your course?"
  • "Do you teach students how to modify the steps of the writing process to play to their individual strengths or learning styles?"
  • "Do you remind students of the importance of writing process within each assessment and include specific recommendations for each step of that process?"
  • "Do you offer multiple means of assessment for non-drafting steps even though the ultimate product will be written?"
  • "When do you allow student writers to see the rubric or overview of how the assignment will be evaluated and scored after the final draft is submitted? Is it early enough in the writing process to offer guidance without impeding creativity?"
  • "Is the rubric or other evaluation tool framed in a positive way to emphasize student strengths and possibility for growth in each area?"
  • "Have you offered a checklist for minimum requirements with ideal standards included to offer students an additional checkpoint to evaluate their own work and adjust it if necessary before sharing their writing with others?"
  • "Do you offer students opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction during the prewriting or revision stages?"
  • "Do you offer preliminary feedback during various stages of the writing process in order to identify students who may be getting off track and to support them in their writing process?"
  • "Do you remain engaged during the drafting phase of the writing process so that writers do not work in complete isolation and are encouraged to pace themselves?"
  • "Do you offer clear and specific suggestions for how writers can get editing support?"
  • "Do you link or embed external sites that may support writers during the editing process?"
  • "After reading a set of drafts, do you offer collective feedback through News or email so that students can gauge their progress according to the class’s progress and benefit from affirmation and correction of others’ general strengths and weaknesses?"
  • "Do you ever offer such collective feedback in the form of a video or audio clip to enhance instructor presence in the online writing classroom?"
  • "Do you offer a self-evaluation of writing assignments in quiz form so that students are encouraged to remedy any lingering editing issues and meet any unfulfilled assignment requirements prior to submitting their final draft?"
  • "Do you provide feedback in a timely-enough manner so that writers can incorporate your response in the following assignment?"

3. See also "Writing Assignments: A Checklist for Students."

Price, Deidre. "Writing Assignments: A Self-Assessment for Faculty." Faculty Focus Premium 5 October 2017.

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