Zoom: How TAs/GAs Can Help

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"Another Proposal for the 'Hybrid' Class" (post) presents "an [ingenious] and affordable" idea: "allow teaching assistants to assist with teaching!"

  • It lists a variety of tasks TAs/GAs can perform to make teaching with Zoom easier and more efficient.

1. TL;DR

  • "Designate a teaching assistant ... to manage the grid, check the queue, and toggle the screen share."
  • "[S]tudents ... handle all of the technical elements of the class, and the professors can do what they do best: teach."
  • "[S]tudent[s] would gain immeasurable experience by working so closely with a professor."

2. Specific Suggestions

TAs/GAs could do the following so "[t]he professor can keep teaching without disruption":

a. "[M]onitor Zoom throughout the class"

  • "[C]heck if anyone raises a 'blue' hand [or] ... disconnects from the class (an absence)"
  • "[R]emin[d] a student he is muted, or not muted"

b. Monitor the chat throughout the class

  • "[R]ead the question[s] aloud to the professor." 
  • "[E]xercise some discretion: not all comments deserve to be read aloud."

c. "[M]anage the Professor's powerpoint slides or other visuals."

  • "[T]oggl[e] between a screen share and the grid"
  • "[R]un assessments (quizzes and polls), and display the results for the class"
  • "[I]f there are technical problems, ... call IT, and quickly get help." 
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